Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments

Dr. Karandish has also been one of the pioneers of PRP Rx in Arizona since 2015. He has performed more than 300 treatments in the past few years. Various indications include joint injections (knee, Elbow, Shoulder, Hips Etc) for indication such as Osteoarthritis, soft tissue injuries such as tendinosis, soft tissue injury, bursitis, rotator cuff tear, Meniscus partial tears, inflammatory myopathies & sports related injuries to name a few. Dr. K has also utilized PRP for successful treatments of vitiligo, Hair restoration and for cosmetic use in Vampire Facial Treatments with micro-needling.

Our Clinic is equipped with the the top notch Angel PRP Machine by Arthrex which enables our providers to customize the PRP samples for various indication based on concentration of PRP, WBC and RBC percentage . We boast we are one of the only 6 clinics in Arizona to utilize this machine. We also use DR.PRP centrifuge machine for cosmetic PRP as in Vampire Facial.

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